Honoring Jesus at Easter P1

Bobby opened the door of his church. The sun was shining through the picture window. There were flowers everywhere. And the organ was playing lovely music. Bobby stood very still.

Some bells began to ring, high up in the church tower. Bobby listened. Then it grew quiet again. He closed the door softly. It was time for Sunday School, and he went to the children's room. But he kept thinking about the church and all the flowers.

"I am glad you went in dear," his mother told him. "I think the flowers and the music were more beautiful today than on any Easter that I can remember."

"Why do we have all the flowers and music on Easter?"

"Easter is a happy day, Bobby," his mother told him. "We bring the loveliest flowers to church and sing the most joyous songs. The people who love Jesus want to show how glad they are on Easter."

"Why are they glad on Easter?"

"You remember, dear, that some people did not love Jesus. They wanted to stop him from helping people."

"They hurt him," Bobby remembered.

"Yes, dear. They thought they had stopped him. They thought he was gone forever."

"But Jesus had not gone forever," Bobby said.

"That is just what Easter tells us, Bobby. It reminds us that the unfriendly people did not stop him. Jesus was doing what God planned for him to do. He was showing people that God loved them. He was showing them how they could live as God wanted them to live. So, nothing in the world could stop him."

"What happened on Easter?" Bobby asked.

"On Easter, Jesus came back to his friends. He showed them he would always be with them. I will read it from our Bible:"