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Holiday Coloring Pages - The First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Day, is a traditional North American holiday, which is a form of a harvest festival. The date and location of the first Thanksgiving celebration is traditionally depicted as being between the Pilgrims and the native americans having occurred at the site of Plymouth Plantation, in 1621.

Today, the official Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, and upon the second Monday of October in Canada. Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated as a bountiful harvest meal where "Thanks" and prayers are given, it is usually as a gathering of family and/or friends.

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Thanksgiving History Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving History Coloring Pages

The First Thanksgiving

The 1621 Thanksgiving celebration between the Pilgrims and the Native people of North America

  • Pilgrims came to North America in 1620
  • Pilgrim Landing Boat
  • Captain Myles Standish
  • Pilgrims trading for land
  • Native Americans traded food
  • Pilgrims worked hard
  • Pilgrim family
  • Pilgrim woman with a bible
  • Pilgrims clearing the land
  • Pilgrim famlies had to be brave
  • Pilgrims prepare the Thanksgiving feast
  • Native Americans joining the Thanksgiving feast
  • American woman bringing food
  • Native Americans helped the Pilgrims
  • The first Thanksgiving in Plymouth was in 1621
  • Thanksgiving Cornucopia, Horn of Plenty
  • Pilgrim girl spinning yarn
  • Pilgrim man and woman

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