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Holiday Coloring Pages - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Day, The Pilgrims came to America from England in 1620 in order to be free to practice their religion. These Coloring pages tell the story of how the Pilgrims sailed on a ship called the Mayflower, and landed at Plymouth Rock.

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Pilgrim's Story Coloring Pages

Pilgrim's Story Coloring Pages

Pilgrim's Story Coloring Pages

Pilgrim's Story Coloring Pages

Pilgrim's Story Coloring Pages

Pilgrim's Story Coloring Pages

The Story of the Pilgrims coming
to America on the Mayflower

  • The Pilgrims
  • King James restricts religious freedom in England
  • Separatists worship at home
  • King James cracks down on Separatists
  • Soldiers come to arrest the Separatists
  • Many Separatists flee England for Holland
  • The King orders ports closed
  • Many Separatists are arrested from ships
  • The Pilgrims lived in simple huts in England
  • The Pilgrims farmed the land in England
  • More Pilgrims are able to slip out of England
  • Life in Holland - Towns instead of country
  • Life in Holland - A different culture
  • Life in Holland - The land is below sea level
  • Life in Holland - Canals are used for streets
  • Life in Holland - The Pilgrims learned new skills
  • The Pilgrims feared their culture was slipping away
  • A trading company wants a colony
  • The Trading company offers the Pilgrims a plan
  • The Speedwell takes the Pilgrims to England
  • The Pilgrims board the Mayflower in England
  • Loading the Ships
  • What they took - Household items
  • TWhat they took - Cooking Pots and Pans
  • What they took - Farming tools
  • What they took - Firearms
  • What they took - Beer and Water
  • What they took - Prepared food, bread, butter, cheese
  • What they took - Cows and Goats
  • What they took - Pigs and Ducks
  • Pilgrims prayed when they left England
  • The Speedwell is sabotaged by its crew
  • Mayflower and the Speedwell return to port
  • There was very little space aboard ship
  • Land is Sighted
  • Mayflower was off-course
  • The Mayflower Compact
  • Pilgrims used a rowboat to scout a landing
  • Scouting parties went ashore
  • The Pilgrims prayed upon arrival
  • The first landing - water
  • The first landing - washing
  • Pilgrims cleared land for the colony
  • The Pilgrims leave the Mayflower
  • Pilgrims used tools to clear the land
  • Pilgrims built log cabins
  • The Pilgrims first home - only had what they brought
  • The Pilgrims first home - fireplace was the kitchen
  • Samoset makes contact with the Pilgrims
  • Native Americans lived in tents
  • The Native American homes
  • Pilgrims learn how to plant corn
  • Pilgrims learn how to weave baskets
  • Pilgrim skills - Pilgrims make rope
  • Pilgrim skills - Textiles
  • Pilgrim skills - Cloth
  • Pilgrim skills - Brick laying
  • Pilgrim skills - Furniture
  • Pilgrims had to teach their children to read
  • Pilgrims lost many friends
  • The Pilgrims first crops grew well
  • The Pilgrims first harvest - corn
  • The Pilgrims first harvest - nuts, berries
  • The Pilgrims first harvest - apples
  • Pilgrims prepared a feast
  • Pilgrims made special tables outside
  • Pilgrims invited the native Americans
  • Pilgrims offered prayers of thanksgiving
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    >>> The Story of the Pilgrims coming to America on the Mayflower


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