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   Special Occasions Prayers

   Special Prayers for different Needs, listed by category / need

Review our collection of printable special occasion prayer pages. These pages are gathered togetheraround 4 central themes to help you find what you are looking for. Each is short and easy to learn or read. Print what you nees, whenever you need it !
Creation Bible Coloring Page  S1 - For Special Needs

  • S1-01 A Prayer of Confession
  • S1-02 For Consecration
  • S1-03 For Devine Wisdom
  • S1-04 For Self Control
  • S1-05 For Those Who Suffer
  • S1-06 For Tolerance
  • S1-07 Intercession for the Home
  • S1-08 Walking by Faith
  • Creation Bible Coloring Page  S2 - For Difficult Situations

  • S2-01 When Disappointment Comes
  • S2-02 When Disaster Strikes
  • S2-03 When Situations are Difficult
  • S2-04 When we are Depressed
  • S2-05 When we Need Courage
  • S2-06 When We Need Forgiveness
  • Creation Bible Coloring Page  S3 - For Challenges of Life

  • S3-01 Be Still and Know
  • S3-02 For Brotherhood
  • S3-03 For Moral Responsibility
  • S3-04 For the Greater Good of All
  • Creation Bible Coloring Page  S4 - For Holidays and Special Occasions

  • S4-01 A Christmas Prayer
  • S4-02 For Christmas time
  • S4-03 Thanksgiving and Praise
  • S4-04 The Easter Day
  • S4-05 When Children Go off to School



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