Prayer for Special Needs - S1-008

A Prayer of Walking By Faith

In Thy presence we bow, Father, knowing of your care for us. Use this moment for our inspiration; that your divine Spirit may send us out to do greater work for Thee. Remind us to look upward for the manna for the soul, not looking to our own understanding.

May we walk by faith, believing in that which is possible to those who look to Thee. Remove whatever presumption there may be in our lives. We cannot walk alone; encourage our efforts and give them meaning and quality. Fill our hearts with Christian love so that we are a living hope to others.

May we place our trust in your great mercy and forgiveness, knowing that all we have received has come from Thy bounty. We pray that our motives will be pure and unselfish, free us from hatred that your love may be effective in our lives. May we refuse prejudice so that we may follow your example for our lives.
We give you thanks for all you do in Jesus name. Amen


        Prayers and Graces collection by: Rev William Henry - used by permission:                © Copyright: