Prayer for Special Occasions - S4-001

A Christmas Prayer

You sent to us that supreme revelation of your love in the form of the baby Jesus of Bethlehem. He has shown us who you are; his way is so clear to our needy souls. In Him we find that life that is eternal truth revealed through obedience and humility.

In this season of childhood, make us sensitive to the great spiritual realities of the nativity of our Lord. Through His poverty, men have seen His riches above all measure; through His humility, may we see your will for us. Though our wisdom is lacking when compared with His redemption, may we know that His presence is the low whisper bringing to mankind the good will of divine friendship.

Bring peace to the hearts of all people of this earth as it struggles toward a peaceful world. Implant the spirit of calmness in the lives of our national and international leaders, that the influence of this holy season may reveal the steadfast certainties of Christian faith. We pray that the reverence of this great spirit might envelop our thoughts of Thy purpose for us.
In Jesusí name we pray. Amen


        Prayers and Graces collection by: Rev William Henry - used by permission:                © Copyright: