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The goal of this site is to provide assistance to Christian parents, volenteers, educators, Sunday School teachers, VBS counclers, and individuals involved in church-program delivery. We hope to provide printable Bible and Bible lesson related materials to be used for individual lessons and teaching. We know from experience that creating engaging lessons requires materials that can ccapture the interest of your pupils and link to the relevant lesson being taught. We invite you to review the wealth of materials that we have collected and print those that match your program lesson needs for your students.

  Printable Bible Coloring and Activity Pages

Printable Bible Coloring and Activity Pages are fun to use in Sunday School Classes and Vacation Bible School and make teaching lessons fun and easy!

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A bible coloring book (or colouring book, in the UK and Australia) is a type of book containing line art for a reader to add color using crayons, colored pencils, marker pens, paint or other artistic media. Coloring books are generally used by children, though coloring books for adults are also available. They cover a wide range of subjects, from simple stories for children to complex abstract ideas for adults. Bible coloring and activity sheets and pages are produced by many sources and are widely available on the internet. Some of the earliest bible coloring sheets were simple reprints of earlier scenes included in previous bible texts, while these can be very useful to older bible classes and even adult bible story illustration, they are generally not for early youth. Sunday School teachers and educators soon discovered that the newer "simple" bible scene coloring sheet was more useful along with cut-out pages and activity pages that focused on a single simple bible concept.


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