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   Bible-Printables: Bible Coloring Pages and Resources

We provide Church Educators, Sunday School teachers, and home-schooling Christians with a source of bible Coloring pages, Bible stories, Prayers and Graces, and Christian Song Lyrics.

Bible Coloring Page Printable Bible Coloring and Activity Pages

Printable Bible Coloring and Activity Pages are fun to use in Sunday School Classes and Vacation Bible School and make teaching lessons fun and easy!

 Bible Story Coloring Page Printable Bible Stories

  Bible stories are the preferred teaching method and content of most Sunday school and VBS classes. It can sometimes be a challenge to find the materials you need and coordinate the story with related activity sheets. That's where we can help !

 Bible Prayers Coloring Page Printable Prayers and Devotions

  Finding prayers, devotions, and blessings can be time consuming and even a little intimidating. Thats why we have collected and made available many of our favorite classic prayers and devotions here to share with you.

Printable Bible Song & Hymns Lyrics Sheets Printable Bible Song & Hymns Lyrics Sheets

  Bible song sheets are great activities for all ages. Most of us have sung these songs hundreds of time, but we still need a little "memory-booster" to make us feel comfortable and confident to sing them with a group. Fear not, the answer is here, just print out your favorite classic bible song, hymn or rhyme and pass them out to you Sunday School or VBS class.

Bible-Printables: Bible Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets!

Bible Printable Coloring Page

The goal of this site is to provide assistance to Christian parents, volunteers, educators, Sunday School teachers, VBS councilors, and individuals involved in church-program delivery.

Many activities at Vacation Bible School (VBS) are perfectly augmented with the use of printable youth activity sheets, or coloring sheets. Printable bible coloring pages are quick and easy to produce for any size class or group with little preparation required ahead of time. Coloring and Activity books are great education tools to help students create a visual/mental link with the story being taught. For these reasons, bible coloring sheets and activity sheets have become an excellent bible education tool.   

  Coloring sheets have been in wide application usage by church educators and bible-school leaders as educational tools for many years. Many Pre-K through 5th grade sunday-school classes use of coloring pages and printed activity sheets to illustrate their lessons. Pre-K classes might focus on coloring simple church themes and objects, while the older youth classes can progress to more complex scenes to illustrate the new or old testament.



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